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Okay as I am sure most of you are aware there has been a poll up up by the Great :iconcatfightking: regarding which bout he focuses on before the epic Roxy vs. Liz encounter. I don't normally do this as I am content (normally) to let things happen as they may but this upcoming bout between Roxy and Eliza is pretty much taking up all of my creativity. Basically ideas for the bout have been popping up in my head for two months now.

I know alot of you are waiting your turn for your O.C. to go against Eliza so any help to speed the process up would be greatly appreciated.

-Thanks Len.
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For all of you who have read the Big Six Way Match I wrote two months ago I have an inkling to try and top it. In other words Mr. Ambition is at it again. I have no idea how this is going to work yet as it is a thought who knows. Any takers?
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Busted my right foot. Haven't been able to work on anything as I was in too much pain.
Madison By Onek1995
This is a render of the Stormcrow Family Maid Madison Lovitz (formally Young). This is her in her wrestling attire.

I own the character

and :icononek1995: made the pic.

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(Interviewer POV)

Two months after the Six Way

Here I am fussing with my hair as Deacon my Camera man, waits for me in our truck and fixing my yellow mini dress during a hot summer day. I stood looking myself in the mirror, My blue yes shined bright with the possibility of this interview going great, my body clad in my mini dress and black belt wrapped around my ribs settling just below my breasts and I wore yellow and brown five inch heeled boots.

My name is Abigail Adams, I’m 29 years old and I’m a sideline reporter for the Fight Network and today I get to do what no reporter has done ever before be inside the home of the Stormcrow’s: Eliza and Len.  Not much is known about Len as he is a quiet guy and when they are seen in public Eliza does most if not all the talking the only thing that is known about him is that he gives money to charity.

But it’s Eliza that I am interviewing today with my best friend Deacon driving me as I don’t have my own car anymore. You see my boss has seen that big six way wrestling match for a shot at Roxy McBride one of if not the toughest woman on the planet according to a TMZ poll online. Now we’ve all heard the comments made from both Roxy McBride and Liz Claws but neither one mentions Eliza at all because they got bigger fish to fry: each other. Well my boss wanted me to interview the woman aptly nicknamed The Warwolf.

“Come on Abi we ain’t got all day. We are scheduled at Stormcrow Manor in twenty fucking minutes. This could be our big break Abi hurry the fuck up!” Deacon shouted from the car.

“Okay D! I’m coming!” I shouted as I grabbed my purse, notepad with my questions and headed out.

We drove through the city following the GPS directions and I realized according to the GPS we were still at least fifteen minutes away from Stormcrow Manor…we weren’t going to make it.

“We’re not going to make it D. Our one opportunity is going to pass us by…and it’s all my fault.” I said sadly.

“Abi babe calm down…call the Stormcrow’s tell them we will be late and hopefully they will understand.” Deacon replied.

I took out my cell phone and dialed their number that I got from my boss.

“Hello.” A sweet yet soft voice called on the other end.

“Uh is Mr. or Mrs. Stormcrow there?” I asked kindly.

“Madam Stormcrow it’s for you.” The voice chimed out.

I hear a groan, then a laugh. “Madison please call me Eliza. You’re practically my sister.” Eliza replied in a sweet tone yet exasperated tone.

“Sorry Ma-Eliza.” Madison replied.

So now I know there’s three people living in Stormcrow Manor not two like everybody assumes.

“Hello.” Eliza replied.

“Eliza hi, I’m Abigail Adams from the Fight Network and I have an interview with you scheduled for today and we’re going to be a little late…” I trailed off.

“Oh that’s fine…uh we got a little side tracked ourselves…Len baby not now I’m on the p-phone.” She moaned at the end of her sentence.

“Tell them the gate will be unlocked and opened. I’ll go unlock it now.” A Man’s voice obviously Len replied.

“Will do. Okay you heard Len right. Get here when you can we have a clean schedule.” Eliza replied.

“Okay will do.” I replied.

We drove for another fifteen minutes and seeing nothing but trees and a left turn, which we took and drove for another few minutes and came across a big wrought iron gate proclaiming this to be Stormcrow Manor and a sign that says admitted visitors only beware of very big dog.

We drove past the open gate for a few more minutes and suddenly the trees gave way to a wide open property with green grass that was cut, paved road, a fountain out front with a statue of a dolphin on some rocks with the water coming out of his mouth and in the lawn stood a big Black Labrador Dog but he wasn’t growling at us instead he was busy playing fetch with a brown haired woman who I knew the from the photos my boss showed me was Eliza. Her hair was loose falling down her back like a waterfall, she wore a dark Blue tank top, dark red jogging pants and black leather boots.

We parked next to Light red Viper and dark Blue Chevy cruise and got out.

“You a good boy yes you are.” Eliza cooed at the dog.

He dog barked at us.

“It’s okay Maximus. Go lay down now boy.” Eliza said calmly.

The dog walked back to his dog house.

“Let’s go inside. There’s coffee, tea, water or sodas?” Eliza asked.

“Coffee for me please.” I replied.

“I’ll take a water.” Deacon replied.

“Actually why don’t we let the ladies talk.” Len said from the Couch when we walked into the living room.

“That’s actually a good idea. Can you show me around? I’ve never been in a house this big before.” Deacon asked.

“No problem. We don’t get much guests.” Len replied with a small smile.

The boys left soon after and I looked at Eliza.

“Shall we get the interview going?” I asked.

“Oh yes.” Eliza replied.

I looked at Eliza.

“Do you mind if I record this?” I asked.

“Nope go ahead. This is my first interview.” Eliza replied with a nervous smile.

She looks adorable.

I reached into my purse and grabbed my notepad, pen and my tape recorder and then I set my purse on the floor in front of me. I hit the record button and cleared my throat.

“Okay so today is Wednesday January 25, 2017, my name is Abigail Adams and I am here to conduct an interview with one Eliza Stormcrow…let’s begin.” I replied.

"Wait Adams? Are you related to a Henley Adams?" Eliza asked.

"Yes she is my little sister why?" I replied.

"I wrestled and defeated her a few times." Eliza replied. "She beat me once when I first started."

"Oh...right Henley mention you a few times in her letters. She respects you now more then she did before." I replied.

Eliza nodded her head and the interview officially started.

“Tell us a little about yourself?”

“Okay my name is Eliza Marie Stormcrow formally Sanderson, I was born August 15, 1990 to Dean Anthony Sanderson and Anna Marie Sanderson formally Gilbert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am an only child and at the age Five moved to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, I was a happy girl running playing with my friends but my happiness didn’t last as at the Seven I became on Orphan.” Eliza replied sadly.

“Sorry for your loss.” I replied sadly. “Please continue.”

“I bounced around foster homes until I was fifteen as I was too rambunctious that was actually the year I met my best friend Leina Williams.” Eliza replied a smile gracing her face once more. “Leina’s family took me in.”

“And when did you and Leina explore your romantic feelings for each other?” I asked.

Eliza looked caught off guard.

“I did my research.” I replied.

“We didn’t explore anything till I left the family at the age of eighteen.” Eliza replied.

I nodded and motioned for Eliza to continue.

“Ask your next question please.” Eliza replied.

“Okay. When did you start Wrestling/Fighting?” I asked.

“I started when I was nineteen. My first match was against an old friend turned bully turned friend again Tina Lovitz.” Eliza replied.

“How did that go?” I asked.

“Well Tina was a better wrestler then me as her dad was an Olympic Wrestler…he trained Leina, Tina and I. Tina busted my head wide open right here.” Eliza said pointing to a small scar hidden by her hairline.

“Did you win?” I asked.

“Yes. Because of Leina I won. That doesn’t mean I can’t win matches on my own…my next match I won on my own it was while I worked for the Crystalyz Club here in Toronto.” Eliza replied.

“Oh really? How long did you work there?” I asked.

“Five years had some bloody, brutal and erotic battles there.” Eliza replied.

My eyes shot open in surprise she wrestled other women erotically?

“What’s your record?” I asked.

“Officially I’m 10 wins to 7 losses unofficially I’m 20 wins and 13 losses.” Eliza replied. (Note I am adding in the wins from her time at the club. Those fights you will read about when I start the Early Years series)

“Okay what is your thoughts on your husband?” I asked.

“That’s easy. I love him, he’s smart, funny, calm and cool about most things. As well as being my best supporter.” Eliza replied.

“Right. So why do you use your maiden name when wrestling or fighting?” I asked.

“I didn’t want to make my name off Len’s. I was never handed a thing in my life except for the Title shot I got and it took me a while to understand why I was given a shot despite not winning. It really all boiled down to Roxy. She gave me the shot because of my willingness to go on despite how bad a shape I was I didn’t just lay down and get pinned I kept fighting through the pain.” Eliza replied.

“Okay so what’s your thoughts on Liz Claws?” I asked.

Eliza’s face took on a thoughtful look as Len carried in the Coffee for both Eliza and I.

“Hm well what can I say about Liz? She is one of my husband’s best friends and probably my greatest rival…do I like Liz? No, do I respect her? Yes. Liz took me to my limit in our first encounter and I barely beat her 1,2,3, she is a tough bitch and I mean that in respect.” Eliza replied. “When the bell rang for the Six Way Liz as originally my target to take out then that young Angela punk got in my way and began talking shit and well talk shit get hit.”

“Let’s talk about that for a moment. We know your thoughts on Liz what about the other four combatants?” I asked.

“Well Angela got too big for her panties I think, if she had just kept her mouth shut and out of my way Liz would have been the first one gone by way of a Superman Punch with her name on it. But no, instead she had to make it about age calling me a dinosaur and other stupid shit. Little bitch was lucky she got eliminated when she did because I believe in fair play and blinding young Clair really pissed me off. If I had gotten more time in the ring with her I would have hurt her and hurt her bad.” Eliza replied.

“Clair Belove what are your thoughts?” I asked.

“Belouve…her name is pronounced Clair Belouve. My thoughts…she is a very nice gal I took time to talk to her and her girlfriend after the match. She has spunk and heart…but she is a lovable woman. She reminds me of me when I was a child. Maybe when she gets batter at wrestling I will challenge her she has spunk and heart I could teach her to be better at wrestling that’s how I became good Leina worked with me. I learned from somebody better.” Eliza replied softly almost like she was discussing a sibling.

“Shanna?” I asked.

“I think if Shanna didn’t have Liz and if it was just one on one we could have done some great things so with that in mind…Shanna if you are hearing this interview or reading this interview in the paper listen up and listen well…I am formally challenging you to a match One-on-One, you can bring Liz, I’ll bring Leina sides are even…you have heart and a desire to win and I want to see how far that goes. This isn’t about pride or nothing. This is about helping a rook out.” Eliza replied softly.

That’s nice. She likes helping people.

“What about Anne Carter?” I asked.

“Respect. She could have joined with Liz & Shanna to take me out but she didn’t she had my back. I hope to make friend out of her.” Eliza replied.
“Right. Okay now back to another question. Could you become friends with Liz?” I asked.

“Maybe that’s down to her.” Eliza replied.

“Okay what about The Champ Roxy McBride? What are your thoughts on her?” I asked.

“Roxy McBride…well I don’t know her, Never fought her but from what I gathered watching tapes of her I respect her…does she respect me? Probably not…nobody expects me to win but as the old saying goes don’t underestimate your opposition because if she does I will knock her ass out and walk away the new UFFL champion because of her cockiness. I’ve never underestimated anybody and I know how dangerous Roxy or Liz are but I’ve beaten Liz I can do it again.” Eliza replied.

“Okay who do you want to face for the title?” I asked.

“Well when I put the question in perspective I can take this one of two ways: The Safe Option or the Challenge. The Safe Option is Liz as I have defeated her before, I can KO her ass, or the Challenge of Roxy who I have never tangled with before…so here is my answer Roxy or Liz: I love a challenge I wouldn’t be a Stormcrow if I didn’t I want Roxy.” Eliza replied.

“Okay one last question before we wrap this up. If there is anybody in the world you want to wrestle who would it be?” I asked curious.

“Hm well there is just so many women I would love to get in the ring with: Anne Carter, Terrie Stone, Shanna, countless others but the one at the very top of the list: Nikki ‘Fighter Girl’ Martin.” Eliza replied.

Wow my mind was reeling with the thought of a match between Nikki Martin and Eliza Sanderson…talk about an epic clash.  

   “One more final question about the night of the Six Way.” I said.

“Ask.” Eliza replied.

“Let’s say hypothetically you kicked out of Liz’s Razor’s Edge or countered it what would you done next to put her away?” I asked.

Eliza looked thoughtful and reached down and grabbed her coffee and drank from it.

“Okay if I countered it, I wouldn’t have kicked out I am admitting that, I would have sent Liz crashing through the table with a Hurricanrana. I would have gotten up grabbed Liz and dragged her out of the wreckage of the Table dragged her near unconscious carcass to the center of the ring and grabbed her leg stepped through and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock, sat down low on her back and waited until her resolve broke and she would have tapped out.” Eliza replied.

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“Because Len taught me a different more lethal version of the Scorpion Deathlock. Usually when applied you sit on your opponent’s lower back pretty much letting them carry your weight plus theirs when they eventually power out. The version Len taught me is you sit on the upper back limiting how much they can move.” Eliza explained.

Feeling a little brave I didn’t believe her.

“Show me.” I replied.

Eliza’s eyes went wide.

“Really?” Eliza asked.

“Yes.” I replied turning off the recorder.

“Okay follow me. Len baby Abigail wants me to show her the version of the Scorpion Deathlock you showed me.” Eliza hollered out.

“Alright.” Len hollered back.

We walked out of the house toward the backyard where I could see there was a ring built and two little Girls were wrestling in it. Both had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes both were dressed in boy clothes…adorable tomboys both of them.

“Mommy.”  They chorused.

Mommy? The little girls couldn’t be younger than eight she would have had had them at the age of nineteen.

“Evelyn, Robyn go see your father. The nice lady wanted Mommy to show her something.” Eliza replied.

Both children exited the ring and ran into the house closing the door.

“You’re a mother?” I asked in awe.

“Adoptive. Len and I aren’t ready for children of our own yet and we found these two eating out of our trash can at the end of our driveway…it broke my heart seeing that. So we got in touch with Social Services and after a few weeks we welcomed our daughters home.” Eliza replied.

That’s sweet. She didn’t want what happened to her life to happen to them…I can understand that.

“One more question. How come Liz or nobody you fought previously has ever mentioned them?” I asked

“Because we have Leina babysit them at her home when I have a match scheduled for that day.” Eliza replied.

I turned too Eliza and she took her boots and socks off…and reached for her shirt.

“Trust me it’s a hot day and if you don’t want to ruin your dress I suggest you strip down as well.” Eliza replied.

I did. I took off my boots and socks and my belt and my dress and I was wearing beige bra and thong underneath. Eliza was clad in a dark blue Bra and matching thong. We both laid our clothes neatly on the ring apron…I was becoming giddy.

“Shall we?” Eliza asked.

I nodded and we climbed into the ring.

“Okay perhaps I should come clean…I know a little bit of wrestling I learned it while I was in college a few years back and I knew who you were before this interview even started and well I’m a fan. What I’m trying to say is I wanted to wrestle you for a while ever since I saw that six way actual on Pay Per View.” I said.

“Okay well since you challenged me your rules.” Eliza replied with a smile.

“Okay Pin falls only, submission holds are allowed you just can’t win by them and you only get three rope breaks also no busting each other’s faces as I have work tomorrow .” I replied.

“So Ring of Honor style then that is fine with me.” Eliza replied.        

I climbed up the stairs and into the ring followed by Eliza we both stretched our bodies out. We stepped closer together. We were now practically now chest-to-chest.

“Ding.” Eliza said miming a bell ringing.

I knew I wanted to take this match into my speed right off the bat I didn’t want Eliza to dictate the pace so I launched off my feet and nailed Eliza with a dropkick to the chest knocking her to her back. I quickly got back to my feet as Eliza made it to a kneeling position.

“Nice dropkick.” Eliza replied with a smile.

“Thanks.” I replied with a laugh.

Eliza makes back to her feet smile still in place but her face was taking on more of a darker look like a hunter and that made me the prey. We looked up this time collar and elbow style in a test of strength…I’m strong but I knew Eliza was stronger…but I was craftier.

I quickly took the arm of Eliza twisted it behind her in a Hammerlock I lean toward Eliza doing something she was known for doing according to my research.

“I have control of you now love. What are you going to do?” I whispered into her ear.

She tried the old school reverse attempt grabbing my head to snap mare me over perhaps…I think not. I kicked the right leg out from underneath her.

“Nice try. I am well versed in holds and counter holds and I have never seen your version of the Scorpion Deathlock so once I have pinned you I want to see what your version of hold feels like and if I can get out of it.” I whispered into her ear again.

“You are…not pinning me.” Eliza groaned me.

“Oh baby I am.” I replied. “You just don’t know it yet.”

I was anticipating the old school barrel roll counter and I was ready for her and when she rolled I followed her never letting the hammerlock go and this time I mounted her back.

“Fuck. I thought I had you.” Eliza said softly.

“I am a three time former collagen wrestler. There isn’t a counter hold you can come up with that I can’t counter back but I didn’t come out here with you to out wrestle you I want to pin you so I’m going to break the hold and back up.” I said as I began letting her go and getting up.

Eliza quickly did the same rubbing her wrist as she did so.

“You have a great grip. I noticed we have no ref.” Eliza relied.

“That does create a problem. I can’t pin you nor can you pin me without a ref.” I replied.

“Uh Miss Eliza I can help with that.” Madison said from the back porch.

We both turned and there coming down the porch steps was Madison the Stormcrow family housekeeper still dressed as I saw her in her maid outfit…It’s form fitting and classy…I was expecting Madison to be an older woman late forties at least with greying hair and blue eyes and yet she is young late twenties I think twenty-six would be my guess. Her hair was an auburn color, emerald green eyes, she is pretty fit for a maid…she probably wrestles with Eliza as well from time to time would be my guess. In her arms were three bath robes wow the Stormcrow’s come prepared for any possible situation…could it be possible one of them did a dig up on me?

“I can ref for you if you want.” Madison replied softly.

“Can she? Will she be fair?” I asked.

“Yes. She is very fair last week Leina nailed me with a Piledriver and pinned me 1,2,3, and Madison counted the pin.” Eliza replied.

“She is right I can be fair. Please trust my integrity.” Madison replied.

“Okay.” I said softly.
Madison reached behind her and undid her the Maid apron and folded it neatly next to Eliza’s clothes pile. Next she reached behind her back and began undoing her shirt and pulled that over her head to reveal a black and white striped Bikini top and I couldn’t help but notice Madison’s chest size closer to mine then Eliza’s and yet this doesn’t bother Eliza surely she must be worried about her husband’s wandering eye then again this is Len fucking Stormcrow the man who wrote shout-outs to the women of his life in his books.

Next Madison slid her skirt down her legs and she wore a black silk thong underneath and that’s when I noticed something about Madison…a ring…a wedding ring. The ring was White Gold with a Sapphire etched in. this lead me to one conclusion whoever Madison married has money so why is she the Stormcrow’s housekeeper?

When Madison was barefoot she walked up the steps onto the apron climbed into the ring and was only then that I notice Eliza was just standing there all calm and peaceful…she didn’t attack me form behind or something. I would have expected that anybody would.

“You ready?” Eliza asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

With that we locked up again ad this time I wasn’t going to take her to the mat as I already proved my point so on whim I decided to see if I could out power the power specialist wrestle her kind of match.

So with that in mind I struggled to push her back to the ropes and her taunt muscles weren’t giving me an inch and I soon found myself against the ropes and Eliza smirked her usual sexy smirk I’ve seen in so many videos and she nailed me in the gut with a knee strike earning a grunt from me followed by another.

“Oh you do have a taunt tummy. I felt a little bit of resistance there. Are you sure you want to continue? This is the last I will ask. If you say you want to continue I will not stop whopping your voluptuous ass until I have pinned you 1,2,3, because I don’t go easy and I don’t back down from anybody.” Eliza replied.

“That’s true she doesn’t she taught me how to wrestle as surprise for my wife and she slammed me, suplexed me, tossed me around like a ragdoll for three hours straight but in the end the bumps and the pain that went along with it were worth it as I got to wrestle my wife for the first time on her birthday.” Madison replied.

Okay so Madison married one of the Stormcrow siblings…did Len have siblings? I don’t freaking know I will figure it later.

“I want to continue. I’m like you I will not stop until I have pinned your beautiful ass to the mat…bitch.” I whispered.

Knowing full well Eliza doesn’t like being called that I knew what I just did and I was hoping for the appropriate effect and the effect was instantaneous and Eliza delivered three stinging chops to my breasts making me moan in pain before whipping me into the ropes on the other side of the ring and backbody dropping me as I rebounded.

Next she ran off the ropes and came back with a splash across my chest driving the air out of my body and hooked my leg going for a pin. Madison got into position.

“One.” Madison counted and I kicked out at one.

Eliza hauled me up to my feet by the hair and it hurt.

“So you want to see if you can hang in the ring with me. You have guts.” Eliza replied kneeing me in the belly again earning another grunt.

With that she picked me up and placed me in a body slam position and held me there…man she is more powerful then she looks. She is holding me in slam position while contemplating what to do with me as I trying to get out of this position feebly because deep down I want to get slammed I watched videos of her from People’s cell phones and cameras watching her on Youtube and hearing the echoing thud of female bodies hitting the mat told me she slams hard and I haven’t wrestled professionally in five years…I kind of miss it.

“What to do with you?” Eliza asked with a playful smile.

I had no idea what she was going to do…my only concern was would my surgically repaired back be able to hold out? I have not been in this position in five years and all three doctors I talked all told me the same thing I could make a comeback to the business.

“You know I didn’t understand why you called me a bitch but now I realized you were trying to get into my head and the fact that you want to try and get into my head excites me so…” Eliza said trailing off.

I was surprised when I felt Eliza’s hand on my ass. I am not a lesbian or bi but yet when a gorgeous woman put her hands on me I can’t help it maybe I am a little curious.

“You know I knew who you were before you even stepped through the door to our home. Len watched wrestling a lot even the independent stuff so he knew about you: Black Widow.” Eliza replied.

She knew. She knew and yet here we were in a wrestling ring.

“If you knew why are we here doing the interview? We could have done this from the start.” I asked.

“Because your boss bugs Len for an interview every damn day and when we learned you worked there well it was a fantasy Len had of wanting us two to wrestle.” Eliza said.

With that she slammed me to the canvas and I crashed to the mat with an echoing thud.

“Mmm I love that sound.” Eliza moaned out.

Eliza reached down and hauled me back up to my feet again and I smirked this time…no more Ms. Nice Adams as I nailed her in the pussy with uppercut low blow and Eliza dropped to her knees as she cried out and Madison moaned as I slowly got to my feet.

“Something else I learned in my time in the ring. Don’t get cocky.” I replied.

With that I hooked Eliza’s head in a front face lock and spiked her with a DDT and she fell back onto the front. I walked up to her as she started to move.

“You know in every video I’ve seen you wrestle in your either topless or naked but let’s leave that style of match for another day. We do not want to scare your children.” I replied.

“Uh stripping Mrs. Stormcrow down to her skin will not be a problem as Leina has the kids now.” Madison replied with a longing look on her face.

Could the Leina woman be her wife? But she is not related to them?...never mind fucking concentrate I have a brunette to conquer and defeat. With that I walked over to the apron and grabbed her shirt…time to wear her down.

“You are very beautiful.” I whispered to Eliza as I wrapped the shirt around her neck tight but not strangling her tight. “But I still have to beat you.”

With that I hauled Eliza back to her feet with the shirt still around her neck making sure it’s not cutting into the skin and I snapmared her over and looked in a chinlock using it as leverage. As she was trying to pry my hands off her shirt.

“Now I’m in control. I thought this was going to be easy didn’t you? You honestly thought that I was washed up that you’d what? Nail me with 1916 nearly knocking me unconscious then pin me after we wrestle for about ten minutes…yeah not going to happen…but I will admit you are just gorgeous.” I said softly as I shifted where my right arm was and soon I was groping her breasts through her bra.

She stopped trying to break the hold I had on her shirt but was now just enjoying what I was giving to her…duh you dumbass she is bi-sexual you already knew this numbnuts. She probably hasn’t had a woman touch her for quite sometime.

I kept the playing with her bountiful breasts until I felt she was weakened enough to administer more physical punishment. I broke the holds both the sexual hold on her breasts and the submission hold and still kept control of her still using the shirt as leverage.

Now with Eliza back to her feet I led her to the corner and bashed her head off the turnbuckle. I finally let go of the shirt and tossed it to Madison who placed it neatly with the rest of Eliza’s clothes.

As soon as the garment was gone from her throat Eliza began coughing and I drove a couple knees into her tummy further driving the air out of her body, next I drove a couple of shoulder’s to her tummy as well and I hoisted her up the top rope and climbed up as well but as soon as I began making my move Eliza began fighting back ferociously with forearms to my chest knocking me of the turnbuckle and decided to stun her this time.

Quick as a cat I jumped in the air and nailed her in the side of the head with a pele kick stunning her once again and I climbed back to the second rope this time Eliza didn’t stop me. I wrapped her arm around the back of my neck doing the same to her arm and grabbed a hold of her thong gave a tug.

This is going to hurt me probably a lot more than it’s going to hurt her and with that I fell backward throwing caution to the wind.

(Madison POV)

I watched Ms. Adams completely dominate my friend and mentor Eliza and it was erotic to watch…now I know what my wife was talking about but I found myself wondering how in the hell does Mr. Stormcrow not had a heart attack or a stroke by now? Mrs. Stormcrow can take a pounding but everybody has a limit and I think this attempted superplex might be hers.

I watched in awe as both women fell backwards and crashed to the mat from the Superplex and both laid there hurt…I expected Ms. Adams to get to her feet and continue punishment or pin Eliza…wait Ms. Adams has turned onto her front and is now crawling into the cover and I got into position. Ms. Adams draped her hand on the heaving chest of Eliza and I started the count.

“One, Two, Thr-” I made to two and a half before Eliza got her shoulder up.

“Get off me.” Eliza moaned shoving Abigail’s hand off her chest.

Abigail moved her hand to her back trying to alleviate the pain and Eliza was getting back to her feet…holy…shit she is back to her feet.

“My turn now…I see you hurt your back again…I’m not a novice now I’m going to punish you.” Eliza growled out.

With that Eliza went the attack kicking the arm away from Abigail and dropping a vicious elbow across the injured back of Abigail.

“Lesson number 1, your opponent will always take advantage of an injury you may have.” I whispered as I remembered the words my wife told me when she was training with Leina & Eliza.      

Eliza connected with a second and that was followed by the third earning yelps of pain from Abigail. Eliza kept up her attack on the injured back of Abigail by stomping on it and locking in a Camel Clutch. Now I know there is no submissions but a punishing hold like this is useful to weaken your opposition down further.

Abigail tried to break the hold but Eliza was gaining confidence and strength as Abigail was losing both. After a few minutes Eliza broke the hold herself getting up off Abigail who groaned out still clutching her back.

Eliza reached down and flipped Abigail over to her back and sweat was down her body.

“Mmm now that’s a sight.” Eliza said with a moan.

I shook my head. Eliza is making a mistake. She should be trying to pin her opponent not letting her feelings get the better of her. Eliza reached down and hauled the blond up and Eliza couldn’t see but…is that smile? Oh shit she fell into a trap!

Surprising Eliza Abigail took her down with a leg sweep. I knew by working over Abigail’s back Eliza took much of her offense away.

With Eliza now on her back Abigail mounted her and began nailing her in the head and face with left and right hands…where was she getting the strength?

“Heart…the size of the fight in the fighter can be measured by the strength of their heart and determination.” I whispered.

With Abigail back in control and Eliza now back on the ropes it seems. Abigail seemed prime to win and after laying Eliza on her back with the sixth right hand to the face. Abigail went to pin Eliza and I made the count.

“One! Two!” I counted and Eliza got her shoulder up at two.

“You gave me a good fight young lioness but this is still my Savanah.” Abigail replied with a cocky smile on her face.

Abigail pushed Eliza into the ropes chest first and as she rebounded Abigail nailed Eliza with a lariat to the back of her neck knocking her flat again. Abigail got onto her knees and rolled Eliza onto her back near the ropes and went to pin her again this time hooking the leg closer to her obviously trying to get Eliza to use one of her three rope breaks.

I began to make the count again.

“One! Two!” Eliza got her foot on the rope using one of her three rope breaks.

“Pathetic I expected more fight from the woman nicknamed The Warwolf.” Abigail said a layer of contempt in her voice.

Abigail stood up clutched her back for a couple of seconds and got to the turnbuckle and climbed through the ropes and began climbing until she was perched on the top waiting for Eliza to get up to punish her more…I was becoming afraid for my mentor. This was possibly the worse pounding I’ve ever seen her take…add the injured ribs she sustained by the big amazon Athena I think her name was.

Eliza was slowly making her way to her feet she looked tired…drained almost defeated and I have never seen that before…I knew not letting her body recover was a mistake and I think Eliza is going to be pinned…Abigail jumped off the top rope…right about…no-

“Holy Shit!” I screamed out as Eliza caught Abigail around the midsection then threw her over head with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

“I’m not done yet bitch. I’m just getting started.” Eliza said after several deep breaths.

Eliza ran into the ropes with a head of steam came back and launched herself into the air and coming down nailing Abigail across the chest with the Empire Elbow and followed up with a pin attempt hooking the leg closets to the rope.

“One! Two! Thre-” I counted

“Rope.” Abigail hollered out and I noticed her hand was grabbing the bottom rope.

They both have two rope breaks left and I have feeling knowing Eliza as well as I do this match is far from over.

Eliza hauled Abigail back to her feet and slung her over her shoulder like she was a ten pound bag of flour rather than a 134 pound woman.

“You’re going down now!” Eliza shouted running half across the ring and planted Abigail dead center with a ferocious running powerslam. “I gotcha.”

Eliza hooked the leg and I got into position and began my count.

“One! Two! Thre-” I said Abigail just barely got her shoulder up.

Eliza got right back up and hauled Abigail to her feet and hooked her up for her finisher 1916 a move made famous by Finn Balor…and planted the blonde right on the back of her head…

“She is done.” I said softly

“No…I’m putting an exclamation point on her.” Eliza said as she hauled up Abigail once again by her hair and she was out of it and set her up and nailed her with another 1916 and Abigail was spread eagle unconscious. “Now she is done.”

I felt this academic at this point I could have counted to a hundred but at least Eliza pinned her respectfully hooking her leg as opposed to pinning her humiliatingly by putting her foot on her chest but I think Eliza has too much respect for Abigail for that.

“One! Two! Three!” I counted and got up and ran over and rang the bell.

“Damn she is tough. I underestimated her. She almost had me.” Eliza said getting up.

Abigail came around from consciousness about fifteen minutes later. I expected some animosity from Abigail but there wasn’t…there was respect.

“You beat me fair and square, 1,2,3, in the center of the ring…Can I take a rain check on the Scorpion? You worked my back over pretty good.” Abigail replied.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Eliza asked concerned.

“No. My back held up pretty good. I must say though that first 1916 took it out of me I actually expected you to pin me then but you did the smart thing you didn’t know if I had anything left so you snuffed out the rest the fight I had in me and I must admit I didn’t expect you to kick out of the Superplex because not many people can.” Abigail replied.

“Thank you for a great match” Eliza replied.

“Thank you for a great interview.” Abigail replied.

The two women hugged and left the ring grabbing their clothes as did I and we put our clothes on and that was when I decided to seriously consider taking my wrestling training seriously. I wanted to have a match like I just witnessed…Eliza already told me she has a match set for me and an opponent already picked but she wouldn’t tell me who it was to even the playing field I guess and I was excited.

Whoever my opponent is I may not be as skilled as Eliza, Leia or my Wife but I wouldn’t take me lightly…I might be younger than my opponent but I’m full of heart and I’m going to win.

     Once Abigail and her camera an went home I walked up to Eliza…

“You remember when you asked if I was ready to commit to wrestling and finish my training?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Eliza replied softly.

“I am.” I replied.

“Okay we resume training tomorrow and if all goes well I will set the date for your first professional match a month from now with your opponent.” Eliza replied.

I clapped my hands together I was giddy…and I may have squealed a little but I was so happy I finally feel like part of this family more then I already did…look out future first victim I’m going to kick your ass.

“Yeah!” I shouted as I jumped for joy bringing laughter to the family…my family.
The Interview with Eliza
Okay here is the interview I was working on. Looking at the featured picture it's obvious what changed as I writing it.

I own the characters: Eliza, Abigail, Robyn, Evelyn, Madison, Deacon, Leina, Atiena, Clair and Tina.

:icononek1995: did the pic for me

:iconroxyfighter: Owns the character Roxy

:iconthis-cat-has-claws: Owns the Character Liz

:iconphoenixcreed: Owns the characters Anne Carter, Terrie Stone, Angela Vega

:iconredmanxthered: owns the character Nikki 'Fighter Girl' Martin

:iconshanna1600: Owns the character Shanna

:iconcatfightking: Owns the UFFL

As you can see I have a few ideas layed out for the future of this series.

Next piece coming is the start of the Early Years Series followed by the training Madison piece and then Madison's first match.
I was listen to music earlier today and a song came on. The song is called Broken Dreams by: Shaman's Harvest and I thought wow this song suits Agent Zero especially the prologue and I was listening to one part and it stuck out in particular the Verse was:

Out of time
So say good-bye
What is yours
Now it's mine
And I dream broken dreams
I make them come true
I make them for you
Okay as I am sure most of you are aware there has been a poll up up by the Great :iconcatfightking: regarding which bout he focuses on before the epic Roxy vs. Liz encounter. I don't normally do this as I am content (normally) to let things happen as they may but this upcoming bout between Roxy and Eliza is pretty much taking up all of my creativity. Basically ideas for the bout have been popping up in my head for two months now.

I know alot of you are waiting your turn for your O.C. to go against Eliza so any help to speed the process up would be greatly appreciated.

-Thanks Len.


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I have been a writer for 20 years now, I started out doing Vampire stories and as I grew up that that my love mythical creatures has never changed. I just started positing things on here actually. I have been enjoying it and I hope to continue to post and do some collaborations with some of the artists here.

Currently listening to Chan's the Man from Wheatus from Jackie Chan Adventures best show ever.


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